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We have been through a whole lot this past month: solar flares, light portals, frequency shifts, lunar eclipses, fall equinox, mercury retrograde…wait, am I forgetting something? It has been the Bermuda triangle of energies over the past few weeks and most people I have spoken to have been feeling it.

Here is a short meditation that will help you recover, but also align yourself.

Sit quietly, close your eyes, center yourself in your heart chakra. Breathe in and out through your heart, on the exhale visualizing green light floating into your heart center, inhaling the energy of love, peace and bliss. On the exhale let go of anything that worries or concerns, you, let go of any kind of stress. Repeat the heart chakra breath a few times.

Then place your attention on your crown chakra. Visualize a beam of light floating in through your crown; this is the energy of Divine Love. On the inhale, see how that light is getting bigger, brighter and stronger and on the exhale feel it flowing into your physical and non-physical bodies. Repeat that breath a few times.

Then see the energy field around you like a balloon and yourself inside. Expand that energy field into the Oneness of Creation. Feel that oneness for a moment.

Then place your attention on your heart chakra and through your heart chakra connect to your DNA. You can do that by visualizing that you are stepping through your heart center into your physical body and are going down a slide (I always see it like a water slide) until you get to the core of your DNA. You might want to invite the angels, ascended masters or any other spirit guides you enjoy working with to join you.

Feel your DNA. Is there any old residue energy around your DNA? Does your DNA’s vibration feel tired, low? Does your DNA resonate at a 3rd or 4th dimensional energy still? Whatever you feel or witness, allow the old energy to be released, allow your DNA to be cleansed until it becomes bright and shiny. You will know when it feels complete. Again, you might ask your angels or guides to help you with that process.

Then tune it. What does the 5th dimensional frequency feel like to you? Maybe you hear a sound or see a color or it might just be a specific feeling. Allow that frequency to float into your DNA, so that your DNA can start vibrating at the 5th dimensional energy. Feel that energy throughout your whole body.

Take a few moments to allow that new energy to anchor in and whenever you are ready, open up your eyes.

(Text from “Stepping into Mastery”, copyright Avalon Healing. Image by Kagaya.)