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A serious illness in my early twenties pushed me back on the spiritual path. I had been diagnosed with an “incurable disease” that I “had to live with until the rest of my life”. Luckily I was an Indigo child, stubborn and not taking no for an answer. I was cured by a naturopathic doctor and after that started looking at the connection of the body, mind and soul, and I came to believe that there is nothing such as incurable, that it is our environment, our unconscious mind and the way we live our life that can heal or create sickness in the body.

Ever since then I have taken many workshops and received much training. From Krya Yoga at Paramahansa Yogananda’s Self-Realization Fellowship, to becoming a Reiki Master, Shiatsu Therapist, and being certified in Core Transformation Therapy, PTR (Parental Timeline Imprinting), CREST, Rapid Integrative Gestalt Therapy, Ho’oponopono and much more. I have been a guest speaker at the “Body, Mind Spirit Expo” in Pasadena, on the panel as well as guest speaker at the “360 YOU Women’s Conference”, and have lectured at “Heaven on Earth” as well as the “Mystic Journey Bookstore”. I was interviewed by Jeanne Adrienne for “Inner Speak Radio”, have written several news articles and have published three books.

Over the past years I have done thousands of sessions and worked with clients all over the globe. I have seen tremendous shifts happen and lives changing.

I also created my own curriculum which I now teach in the “Stepping into Mastery” Series.

What the sessions and the classes all have in common teaching people the ability to bring forth our Divine Gifts. Deep down in our hearts we remember our soul’s calling, and I truly believe that we can bring that magic back into our lives.


“Kristie is a magnificent healer – in so many ways. She has a very wide and deep knowledge of various healing techniques and combines them all into one for a most powerful healing. She guides you and holds your hand through the whole process making it very comfortable and peaceful. I have experienced a number of different healings and I definitely felt like her healing was particularly powerful and meaningful, and has changed my life, for the better in many ways.”

C.F., Manhattan Beach

“I want to thank you for sharing your wisdom with me yesterday. I’m sure it will be no surprise to you that I woke up this morning and the ezcema is virtually gone. It is described in a book, ‘Your Body Speaks Your Mind’, as a source of something that is itching to get free, to break out of familiar or restrictive old patterns, boundaries that are feeling threatened. I came to the conclusion that because I could not take on anymore of other’s stuff, I was needing to use gloves to protect myself from obsorbing that. It already feels so wonderful to have that changed in my life- thank you, thank you!”