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Atlantean Healing- Transformation and Empowerment for Old Souls

Online Class starts September 10

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Secure your spot with a $190 deposit.


Upon receiving your deposit, we will send you an email to confirm your spot in the class.

Do you resonate with any of the following statements:
– I have a deep desire to create something special in my life
– I have a deep longing for peace, harmony and love
– I desire to connect with a deep romantic love
– I am highly sensitive to the energies of my environment
– I often feeling alone or misunderstood
– I don’t feel “Home“ on this planet
– I have an interest in the mysteries
– I have a feeling of “there is more out there than this“
– I have a longing for beautiful and harmonious connections

Then this program is for you!

In classes and sessions we will discuss the importance of Atlantis for the current times, go back to access your Atlantean memories, heal that imprinting, and activate your gifts, so you can bring forth your most amazing life.

Contents of this program are:
Classes (accessible online or via phone):
• History of Atlantis:
• Golden Age Teachings:
• Meditations and Exercises
• Increase your Intuition
• Atlantean (12 Strand) DNA Activation
• Group Clearings
• Your Divine Missions

Private One-On-One Sessions (included in the program):
• Akashic Records Reading
• Akashic Records Clearing
• SoulPlan Reading
• Manifesting Meditations
• Divine Gifts Activation

Included in the program are meditations and exercises in between classes to support your journey and help you with your process. You will also receive access to our Facebook Mastermind Group.


Payment Options:
• Option 1: Secure your spot with a $190 deposit and pay the remainder in 3 monthly installments of $240 each (if choosing this option, deposit is due 24 hours before the start of the program)
• Option 2: Pay $800 for the entire program up front and save $110 on your tuition (if choosing this option, payment is due 24 hours before the start of the program)

For more detailed information and to receive our package including registration form, please email us at info@AvalonHealing.de