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Stepping into Mastery

Too often in the past have we lived our lives based on other people’s expectations, the need for approval, being a “good girl or boy” or on the identity of old pain and hurt. This class will teach you how to move out of these old patterns and into a life that is authentic, joyful and aligned with your Divine Path. This class includes the teachings of sacred geometry and ancients wisdom in order to reconnect you with your Divine self.

Topics of this class include:
*Finding your gifts and talents
*Healing old wounds that have prevented you from accessing your gifts and making it safe for you to share your gifts with the world
*Stepping back into your Divine Power
*Accessing soul contracts and changing them (if necessary)
*Healing the wounds of duality
*Taking your place in this world
*Working with the Merkaba and non-physical bodies
*Accessing wisdom and knowledge from past life-times
*Healing the female/male aspect of Creation
*Reconnecting with your soul family and finding your galactic origin
*The sacred geometry of this universe and your body

This class series meets one Saturday per month from 11am-3pm. You may register for as many Saturdays as you’d like to. Since this program is on-going, you may start anytime.

Stepping into Mastery

Prices are monthly fees, since the students will receive exercises, meditations and reading material in between classes.

Early registration required. Please register at least ten days before the class.

Stepping Into Mastery – 3 Day Intensive

This three day intensive really focuses on finding your talents, your gifts that you came to share with the world. We will do exercises, clearings and meditations that allow you to access knowledge and wisdom from genetics as well as past lives in order for you to bring it forth into the here and now. Clear out obstacles that have been preventing you from taking your true place in this world and living your dream. Find out what your soul plan is? What did your soul choose to experience or share in this lifetime? Learn how to connect to the wisdom of Lemuria and Atlantis.


Spiritual Anatomy and Psychosomatics

Our body is the mirror of our soul. Illness and disease is the body’s way of making us become aware that we need to change: change our thoughts, change our emotions, change our circumstances. Often, by healing our emotions and thoughts, our body will start healing itself.

In this class you will learn about the relationship between our thought patterns as well as emotions and your physical health. Learn which beliefs are associated with certain physical symptoms and how to change them. Learn how to read the body to see what has been out of balance and learn how to put the body back into balance.

In this class we will also look at the question: what is the origin of disease? When was the first time our body ever experienced illness, what happened and how can we change it? If a body is sick, do we really need to go through every single belief associated with the illness or is it something simple that we can shift in order for the body to go back to perfect health?

We are offering a six day workshop as well as a special two day intensive. The two day intensive focuses on microbes and their relationship with our thought patterns and physical health.

Class Fee- Six day workshop

Two Day Intensive

Past Life Regression with Crystals

Our DNA stores memories like a computer system. By connecting to our DNA we are able to access information from past lives, our ancestors as well as ancient knowledge and wisdom. In this workshop you will learn how to use crystals to access past lives and bring these talents back into the here and now.

Maybe you are struggling with abundance, relationships or following your Divine Life Purpose in this lifetime. Creating a crystal grid you can go back into past lifetimes where you manifested abundance with ease and grace, or where you lived a happy and fulfilled relationship; or another life where you were able to bring forth your Divine Life Purpose fully and completely. Remembering that information, you will be able to live it in the ehre and now.

In this workshop you will learn to do the regression with others. Each participant will give and receive at least one session. You will also learn which crystals you can use to support this work.

Past Life Regression with Crystals Workshop

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