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I was contacted by one of my¬†clients who had thrown out her back and hadn’t had any feeling in her right foot for two weeks.

We looked at the beliefs that were connected to the injury as well as the particular vertebra that had since then been out of alignment. Through a method called kinesiology (muscle testing) we tested the following beliefs:

  • “I can only be loved and respected if I work hard”
  • “My value depends on the amount of work I do each day”
  • “I will be alone if I don’t do it right for everyone”
  • “Others will think that I am selfish if I take care of myself instead of everyone else first”
  • “I have to work myself to exhaustion”
  • “I am not allowed to rest”
  • “People will consider me lazy if I take time off for myself”
  • “Only hard work will gain me the respect and acceptance that I desire”

By accessing the Akashic Records and clearing genetic memories, we were able to transform these beliefs. After a 30 min session, my client tested “no” for the beliefs above and “yes” on the following beliefs:

  • “I am unconditionally loved and respected”
  • “I value myself independently on how much I work”
  • “I allow myself to rest when I need it and when I choose to”
  • “I know what it feels like to have others love me for who I am”

What had happened was that my client had been in a constant pattern of overwork in order to feel loved, respected and valued. Her back going out was a sign from her body to take the break she wouldn’t allow herself to take otherwise. After we shifted the beliefs and cleared the unconscious memories from genetics and past life, I saw how my client’s vertebrae moved back into position by itself.

The next morning I got an email from my client saying that, for the first time in two weeks, she could feel his big toe again. She later fully recovered!