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Have you been feeling like you’ve been on a roller coaster for the past few weeks? Things are going up and down, high and low. One day is great, the next one is challenging? One day you have a lot of energy and inspiration, and the next day you feel like staying in bed all day?

Well, it is no wonder. September is an energetically intense month. We just had a super new moon a couple of days ago, mercury just went into retrograde, the fall equinox is right around the corner and all throughout this month light portals have been bringing in a influx of the higher vibrational energies. But that’s not all: the earth is getting a frequency upgrade, and we have been feeling this.

So what is this frequency upgrade about?

Let’s go back to the Golden Age of Atlantis, before 7,000 B.C. At that time we were living in what is called the Golden Age. People lived in harmony with each other and all of creation; there was a balance between the Divine feminine and masculine. There was peace and mutual support in the communities. People were strongly connected to Source. They knew their gifts and lived them.

Many things happened preceding what I call the end days of Atlantis. I am not going to go into detail in this article. The main thing was that the energy shifted. The peace and harmony within the communities vanished, the balance between the Divine masculine and feminine tilted and a struggle for control and power started which eventually let to the fall and the sinking of Atlantis.

Mother Earth has an energy field around herself the same way us humans do. During the Golden Age, this energy field vibrated at a much higher frequency. The same way as the frequency in our human DNA and our energy field was lowered, so was the energy of Gaia. This lower vibration has lasted for about 9,000 years.

But as we are moving back to the New Golden Age, the frequency of Gaia has been shifting. We have reached a level of energetic vibration on this planet that will now allow Gaia to return to the 5th dimensional frequency she had back in the Golden Age. This is what is happening this month: we are taking a huge leap in frequency shifts. It is the biggest leap we have experienced so far and it will help to anchor back the 5th dimensional energy of the Golden Age.

This frequency shift is also asking us to return to the 5th dimensional frequencies within ourselves. May it be on the physical level by taking care of our bodies through exercise, healthier foods, rest or eliminating toxins from our environment; or on the spiritual level by letting go what no longer serves us, letting go of unforgiveness, pain, suffering or sacrifice.

The best time to go through this period is to get enough rest, to take time to meditate, go out and connect with nature. The fall equinox is this Saturday and it is a great time for a fire ceremony (will post some ideas for it later). Make sure to take care of yourself. But also be assured that once we have gone through these upgrades, we will be able to operate from a much higher level of love, peace and joy!!