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Ancient Wisdom

During Ancient Times, people were connected to nature, the cycles of the seasons as well as to the Otherworld. They knew how to use the energies of each time of the year to their full potential. This allowed them to live their live in a state pf physical abundance as well as emotional well being.

Over time, these ancient teachings were forgotten or even forbidden, but as the consciousness of this planet is rising, many of these teachings are resurfacing, allowing us to remember what we once knew.

Life in the 3D can feel overwhelming- especially if you are an old soul. We have to make money, conform to certain structures, are being told how we should show up and taught to please. Individuality and the our desire to follow the longing of our soul is most often discouraged and we conform to the live expected from us instead of living the life that our soul is wanting to create.

Remembering the teachings of the ancients, no matter whether it is ancient Atlantis, Egypt or Celtic wisdom will help us access that deep longing of our soul and show us how to connect to the wisdom within in order to create the life of our dreams.

As a teacher of mine said, “you are never given a dream just life that. Your dream is your soul’s voice asking you to do what you came here to do!!”

Join me on November 30 at 6:30 PM PST as I will be sharing with you some tools that will allow you to connect to your soul’s longing and become clear on how to create the life that you have been longing to live.


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