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Stepping into Self-Mastery

Stepping into Self-Mastery
with Kristie and Jivananda
Stepping into Self-Mastery is an intro course designed to deepen our connection with the Divine gifts we carry. Understanding how to empower ourselves out of a place of physical, emotional , mental and spiritual dependance and into a position of personal authority. We are here to discover how each of us can activate our gifts and walk them confidently into this world. Learning to follow ones inner voice, connect with our passions and learn to listen to the voice of the heart is the basis of this class. 
There are so many influences affecting the connection we carry with our Self, so many thoughts, programs and ideas instructing us what to do and who to be. Stepping into Self-Mastery is learning how to step out of the false identity and into a place of personal truth, power and connection. 
This class will include identifying limiting patterns and beliefs systems, how to conquer negativity and empower the positive. We will be teaching different tools for energetic protection and providing visualization techniques. This class will also address the healing of duality by moving into the energy of unity consciousness and anchoring in a New Golden Age within and with out.
Stepping into Self-Mastery is learning how to reprogram our conditioning from a place of external reliance into a position of inner courage and self-empowerment.

Date: Sunday February 25

Time: 2-6 PM PST

Location: Hollywood, CA

Skype participation possible.

Price: $150

Last minute registration (72 hours or less prior to class) price: $185

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