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“The 12 Sacred Nights“ are an ancient tradition based in Europe. Despite the Christianization of Europe, many of the ancient traditions have been preserved and are currently reawakening.

In the “old days“ one knew about the magic of the time between Yule- the Winter Solstice (December 21)- and the beginning of the new year. Certain practices helped to complete the old and manifest the new. Taking account of past events and creating a cycle of completion was important, because only then can we create room for the new to come in.

“The 12 Sacred Nights“ were celebrated during a time where the energies of the year supported these shifts.

In this class you will learn about:
the magical energies of “The 12 Sacred Nights“
rituals and practices to cleanse out the “old“- whatever no longer serves you, whatever you want to let go of
manifestation techniques to make the coming year abundant, filed with love and joy
ancient traditions from the Celtic and Avalonian culture
work with the energies if the sacred nights

By paying attention to the wheel of the year, the energies of each season will support your journey and help you call in what you desire.

Energy Exchange: $144.00

What is “The 12 Sacred Nights“ Program about?

This online program reconnects you to ancient traditions and rituals to help you complete the old year and welcome the new year. Daily exercises, lectures and meditations will support you on your journey and call in the most magnificent new year.
Contents of this program are:

  • The history of “The 12 Sacred Nights“: What are the sacred nights all about? How were they celebrated in different ancient European cultures? What was the purpose of celebrating the sacred nights?
  • Teachings and traditions: What were some of the traditions of the scared nights? What is the energy of each day/ each night?
  • Manifesting: Learn how to use the energy of each night to manifest the year ahead. Each day has a specific vibration and is connected to a specific topic. By learning about the daily energies, you will find out how to manifest amazing things for the new year.
  • Rituals: Learn ancient rituals practices during the sacred nights.
  • History of Avalon: The magical isle in England- learn about its history and importance for our current times.

How is “The 12 Sacred Nights“ Program structured?

The Program is being held over the duration of 12 consecutive days.

Each day you’ll receive right into your inbox:

  • MP3 of the daily lectures: each lecture discusses the energy of the particular day. you’ll learn how to use that energy in order to bring forth your most amazing 2018
  • MP3 of a daily meditation to connect you to the energy of the sacred night.
  • PDF of daily exercises: Receive daily exercises to help you gain clarity, focus and completion.
  • Access to Mastermind Facebook Group: Network with like-minded individuals in our secret Facebook group, connect to others who are on the same journey as you are, find an accountability partner and receive support on your journey.
Energy Exchange: $144.00