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Supercharge your life!!


This one month program is for everyone who is committed to create big changes in their life within a short period of time.

You choose one area of your life that you would like to transform, health, relationships, finances, career, you name it, and with our super power coaching and clearing techniques we will work with you to make these changes happen.

The program includes Akashic records readings and clearings, changing of ancestral (epigenetics) patterns and imprints, connecting to you soul plan, and remembering your true self.

Expect some major changes to happen!


This three months intensive program is specially designed for people who would like to create big shifts in their careers. In weekly calls, you and Kristie will discuss your goals, set intentions, create a game plan to manifest your dreams and clear out unconscious beliefs that have been holding you back. If you are not sure yet about your goals, this program will work for you as well, as Kristie will be able to help you discover your gifts.

Contents of this program are:

  • Akashic Records Reading: we will access your Akashic records (the place where all your incarnations have been recorded) and look at past life memories, emotions, traumas and beliefs that have prevented you from fully accessing your gifts
  • Akashic Records Clearing: after reading your Akashic records, we will clear out past life memories, emotions, traumas and beliefs so that you can fully step into your gifts and create the life of your dreams
  • SoulPlan Reading: we will access your SoulPlan- the “manuscript” that you carted for this life before your incarnation- and look at the choices you made and the plan you created for this lifetime
  • SoulPlan Strategy Clearing: we will look at which of the choices you made before this incarnation still are in alignment with who you have become, which ones need to be changed or modified
  • SoulPlan Strategy Planning: we will create a step-by-step plan for you to step into your most Divine SoulPlan and manifest it on the physical level
  • Manifesting Meditations: we will take you through meditations and visualizations to manifest your dream life
  • Divine Gifts Activation: we will activate ancient knowledge and talents that are Divinely yours. Kristie has the special ability to access your DNA and activate gifts and knowledge that you might have gained in many lifetimes or that you inherited from your ancestral lineage.



Vital Abundant Health for your Body!!

Have you been dealing with health related issues? Viruses? Chronic fatigue? Feeling sluggish or energy deprived? Do you have any recurring health issues? Weight related issues?

Our body is the mirror of our soul. Our soul constantly speaks to us and, if not being paid attention to, might express itself through illness. Health issues might be related to early childhood memories or a recent incident that has created emotional pain or limiting beliefs. Every illness, every organ being out of balance and not working at its full capacity is connected to our (most often) unconscious beliefs and emotions. We call that psychosomatics: the relationship between body, mind, spirit and soul.

Our body also goes out of balance we are not following our Divine calling. By re-aligning ourselves to our soul plan, our body can re-aign itself as well.

Illness can also be an ancestral memory that needs to be shifted. Our DNA carries the emotions and beliefs as well as experiences of our ancestors. Illness that has been passed down through the generations is often related to an ancestral emotion or belief structure.

Our body has an enormous capacity to heal itself, and by changing your beliefs and emotions, creating life circumstances that ignite your life with bliss and joy, the body can stop “talking” through illness and shift back into vital and abundant health.

In this program, Kristie will look at the relationship between any physical illness or discomfort, any physical patterns and together you will address and shift the beliefs and emotions associated with it.

Contents of this program are:

  • Psychosomatics: we will be looking at the relationship of your emotions and beliefs with your physical health
  • After that we will be transforming any “negative” beliefs and emotions into joyful and supportive ones
  • Epigenetics: we will be accessing experiences, emotions and beliefs of your ancestral lineage that are expressing themselves through your physical health and change them
  • Akashic records reading: we will be looking at past life imprints that are expressing themselves through physical issues and shift them
  • SoulPlan Readings: we will access your soul plan and create a strategy to bring you back into alignment with your soul’s purpose
  • Microbial balancing: we will be looking at belief systems connected to microbes and shift them so that the microbes in your body can return into their perfect balance. Kristie has a special gift to energetically clear out viruses- thus her nickname “virus whisperer”



Are there patterns, limitations, struggles or health challenges that you are currently facing? Would you like to shift these?

Our environment mirrors our conscious as well as subconscious mind. Whatever is going on in our lives, no matter whether it is our our health, our relationships, abundance, or our career, everything is a reflection of our beliefs and emotions. Many of these beliefs are in our subconscious mind and we might not even be aware of them. These beliefs may stem from early childhood, pre-conception, our ancestral lineage, the collective consciousness or past lives. The moment you become aware of these beliefs and emotions, you can transform them, thus transforming your life.

During a private session we will look at what is going on in your life and find out what beliefs and emotions we will have to shift to create change. Most of the time we will access the Akashic Records in order to find the root cause of the challenge or pattern, as we have found that no matter whether it is our early childhood experiences or the genetic lineage we have chosen, these choices are usually rooted in a past life experience and in patterns that we might have been living for many incarnations. By accessing this memory and changing the root cause of the pattern through shifting the beliefs, emotions and even vows and obligations connected to it, this energy will move through our timeline and change our experiences that we have had ever since and literally transform our life.

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What do I need to prepare for the session? 

It is great to set an intention of what you would like to shift during in the program. In the first session of your program, you and Kristie will go over your intentions: What is currently going on in your life that you would like to change? How do you envision that change to look like? Together you will create a clear intention of the transformation that you desire through the program.

How long is the “Health, Healthy, Healthier Program” ? 

The program length varies from person to person and from topic to topic. Sign up for a free strategy session with Kristie in order to assess what will work best for your individual needs.


Why come in for a session?

Clients come in for a session for many reasons, and during a session we can work on all aspects of your life: from relationships to career, abundance, finding love, accessing gifts and talents, creating peace in your environment to shifting unconscious thoughts and emotions that have created illness in the body.

How does a session work?

During your very first session we will take a deeper look at your current patterns and circumstances in order to map out a strategy to help you shift.

We then start taking a look where the “old pattern” comes from. I have found that most patterns stem from past lifetimes. By accessing the Akashic Records we look for the “root lifetime”, the lifetime that created that pattern and start clearing the energy, emotions, beliefs and imprints around the life.

Sometimes a pattern might be genetic and is held in the DNA that was past on from generation to generation. In those cases we will be looking at epigenetics and explore the patterns, experiences and imprints of your ancestors, so that you no longer have to carry them forward.

There is usually a weekly fun task you will be given in order to support the work from the session.


How will doing this work change my relationships with the people around me?

Since everything and everyone in your life is a mirror of your unconscious beliefs, changing your own patterns, healing old emotions and shifting beliefs that no longer serve you, you will move more and more into a space of self-love and joy and this will positively affect your relationship with the people around you. Loving yourself, coming from a full cup instead of a place of suffering or sacrifice in your relationships, will transform how you relate to others.

We have also witnessed on many accounts that once one person in the family does the clearing work, the other family members start shifting as well. Changing old beliefs and emotions, working on the epigenetics of your family shifts your DNA. And since you are related to your family through your DNA, their DNA (and therefore their patterns) will eventually shift as well.